Sports Playgroup & Soccer Training Program 




About Bangkok KIDDY-KICKS

KIDDY-KICKS is Bangkok's first soccer specific physical play program for children from twelve months to six years of age and aimed at giving children their very first start with the ball.

KIDDY-KICKS provides a challenging environment for children of different ages and stages of development through structured play, with specially designed footballs, music, action, songs and rhymes and is designed to develop a child's physical skills of coordination, balance and dexterity. This is achieved through the use of KIDDY-KICKS specially designed brightly colored balls and equipment. The program is structured to develop each child's positive personality traits, building confidence and self-esteem, and subtly introduce the very first steps of soccer skills and techniques.

At KIDDY-KICKS each child has his/her own personal coach: the participating parent! Who better than a child's parent could be aware of his or her individual strengths and challenges One-on-one time with a parent heightens a young child's enjoyment of the activities and brings out his/her best efforts, maximizing his/her progress.

Each session is led by trained staff and is structured according to the different ages and stages of a child's development.



Teaching Levels



BABY-KICKS - Walking To Two Years

Sessions will focus on helping children to kick, dribble, jump and run, using appropriate exercises and activities. For under two's, activities to build co-ordination and movement patterns to the legs will be introduced. The children will begin to develop their sense of balance using simple exercises. BABY-KICKS members of this age group attend our 30 minute under 2's sessions free of charge.

LITTLE-KICKS - Just Turned Two 

The activities for this age group will seek to build upon the framework of basic ball control and coordination, developed in phase one. Children are introduced to more challenging ball games. LITTLE-KICKS sessions run for 30 minutes.

KIDDY-KICKS - Three Years Old

Children will learn to follow more complex instructions and will be asked to begin to get into good habits, for example keeping their head up when working with the ball. Simple ball control exercises in the air will be encouraged to develop and practice their juggling skills. Children will still work largely with their parent however opportunity is also given for children to work alongside each other in small group. KIDDY-KICKS sessions run for 45 minutes.


JUNIORS - Four To Five Years

The activities for this age group will seek to build upon the framework of basic ball control and coordination, developed in phase two and introducing the rules of the sport. At no time will the children be aggressively encouraged to compete against other children however they will understand the benefits of teamwork and positivity when facing a challenging task. JUNIORS sessions run for 60 minutes.


BKK GALAXY - Six To Seven Years

Training sessions will continue to teach new dribbling techniques via drills with parental participation, and will also introduce the concept of Passing &Space Awareness which is vital to playing 3v3 and 4v4 matches. BKK GALAXY training sessions run for 60 minutes.


First Few Lessons



A Great Learning Experience...

When you first join KIDDY-KICKS it may be a whole new experience for you and your child.  On average it takes up to three weeks for a child to start to feel comfortable within a KIDDY-KICKS environment and start to follow instructions fully. 


...For Both Parent & Child

Whilst the first few weeks may be a little embarrassing for parents (watching their child get over excited at all the new bright equipment suddenly before them) we ask that you try and help your child more in these first few weeks so as not to disrupt the rest of the class. 

Rest assured, they will soon learn that the class is more fun when they participate but only if you ensure that both parent and child try to be part of the lesson.



The Different Sections



Warm Up

An essential component of the session is the warm up.  Even at a very early age it is important to encourage children to do a gentle warm up and stretches, this will get them into habits and help their future performance with any sports they decide to go into.


Nursery Rhymes And Playful Music

All activity should be carried out to nursery rhymes and playful music. This way the child is already learning to stay in time with a beat as well as memorizing the nursery rhymes.


Core Excercise And Skills

This section covers the technical development of the child using various equipment and exercises. It is divided into phase one, phase two and phase three, with each phase building upon the skills learnt in the previous section.


Fun Games

This section will concentrate on KIDDY-KICKS fun and games which are centered on increasing the children's motor skills whilst at the same time giving an introduction into football. They provide opportunity to practice the core exercises and skills in a fun and relaxed setting. The games allow children to play collaboratively and cooperatively with purpose, intention and concentration also giving opportunity to interact with other children and adults.



About The Equipment




The KIDDY-KICKS ball is soft and light and easy to manipulate. The lightness of the ball is designed to encourage the children to kick the ball easily. The unique size of the ball (size 2.5) helps the children to keep it under control with the sole.


The Domes

Exercises using the dome help the child to develop flexibility in their feet and ankles. The dome is great to practice exercises that will later be used on the ball, as it is stable and stationary.


The Skittles, Hoops And Beanbags

Specially designed for children to develop physical skills of balance, coordination, kicking techniques and build their foot-eye coordination.



Children should wear the KIDDY-KICKS uniform at all times and at every session. Loose fitting clothing for parents is advised. Both parents and children should wear soft indoor training shoes that comply with the venues.



Fees & Payments




KIDDY-KICKS membership is 1500THB and comes with a free uniform. This is a once only fee.


Term Fees

Term fees vary from 400-600THB per session depending on age groups and venue. Payments are made once per term.



Our BABY-KICKS sessions for members under the age of 2 are 30 minutes long and feature full parental participation.

BABY-KICKS Under 2 Yrs Old Term Fee: Free or charge!


Payment Deadline

Parents are kindly asked to complete all payments within the first 2 weeks of each term. If Payments are delayed beyond this deadline, KIDDY-KICKS reserves the right to release your child's place to families on our waiting list.