Pre School Soccer for Kids, Toddlers & Babies



The Bangkok KIDDY-KICKS Sports Club is dedicated to providing an exciting environment where kids grow confident and learn self-esteem in the presence and with the encouraging participation of their moms and dads. 
We strongly believe that one-on-one time with a parent heightens a young child's enjoyment of the activities and brings out his or her best efforts, maximizing his or her progress.

Training Sessions

Our fun based kids' sports play groups are designed to be entertaining for every boy and girl in Bangkok. First timers may enjoy a free trial anytime throughout the year and all our under 2's classes are coached free of charge to members. So come and join our fun filled play groups at any of our many venues today!

Backyard Program

Are you interested in having your child participate in KIDDY-KICKS but we don't hold a program in your area? If you have suitable space then you may want to host a KIDDY-KICKS Backyard Program right at your home without having to deal with Bangkok's incredible traffic!

Sports Camps

Your child is welcome to join us for some Fun & Football at our Sports Camp during school holidays. The Sports Camps are designed to work without parental participation and are for children 2-5 years old.

Birthday Parties

Why not throw a Football Party for your young child and all his or her school friends? Our soccer party programs are great fun for boys and girls of all ages! Be sure to visit our birthday page and gallery page for pictures and information on how we can help make your child's special day truly memorable.

P.E. Curriculum

Our KIDDY-KICKS coaches are currently conducting the Physical Education curriculum of more than 10 pre schools all over Bangkok. Your child's pre school may already be planning on using our expertise next term!


All our KIDDY-KICKS coaches are highly qualified sports intructors with first aid qualification and years of experience in teaching Physical Education to pre schoolers.